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Educational Resources

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Educational and Business Resources




HighBeam Business

  • Private and public company profiles for businesses - small and large
  • In-depth reports on industries from agriculture to public administration
  • Credible market research with statistics, trends, and analysis
  • Business news and articles from trusted journals, newspapers, news wires, and magazines





Dictionary.com, LLC, the world's largest and most authoritative online dictionary helps people get smarter any time, any place. Dictionary.com provides reliable access to millions of word definitions, synonyms, spelling, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and translations from its Web properties at Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, and Reference.com and through its mobile iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android applications and API data services. Dictionary.com also offers brain building games and tools designed to entertain and educate.




Answer Blip

Do you have questions about movies, technology, business, computers, or celebrities? Do you read alot of articles, magazines, or books and have a head full of useless trivia knowledge? Put that information to use by helping someone else get the answer they are searching for, or just brush up on your quiz trivia and fun facts for trivia nights with friends and family.  





Smart QandA

Real answers, direct from published reference sources you can trust

That’s Smart QandA. We don’t let just anyone put answers on our site. Instead, we use encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other published sources to give you reliable, verified answers. Most of our answers come from verified sources at encyclopedia.com, and every answer links to its source so you can read more and cite the original article.






The premier online library and research Web site, Encyclopedia.com puts millions of articles from some of the world’s most authoritative and highly respected publications at your fingertips. A free online encyclopedia, Encyclopedia.com features premier titles like The Columbia Encyclopedia, Oxford’s World Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia of World Biography. Plus, our online dictionary collection is an invaluable research tool with exhaustive information ranging from the general purpose Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, to social science terms in A Dictionary of Psychology, to health-related nutrition definitions in A Dictionary of Food Nutrition.



the free resource

The Free Resource

TheFreeResource.com is an up and coming website that brings trusted resources to the community of businesses owners, teachers, and students about hundreds of topics. You can also submit your own list of resources or articles to help others who are looking for information and resources.




Linchpin SEO

LinchpinSEO is a team of SEO experts, Designers, and Content Writers who have made it a personal goal to help small and medium size business market themselves in their local communities and rank better in the search engines, while working within the small business’s budget.




Highbeam Research

Ideal for students and professionals, HighBeam is the premier online research tool for business and academic use. Here, you can search more than 80 million articles from the archives of over 6,500 newspapers, magazines, journals, and other publications. Named the "Best Online Reference Service" by the CODiE Awards, HighBeam delivers content from newspapers like The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, magazines like The Economist and Newsweek, and journals like JOPERD and Journal of Research in Childhood Education.New articles are added to HighBeam daily. Plus, we have an extensive article archive that includes newspapers, journals, and magazine back issues dating back

more than 20 years.




Access My Library

AccessMyLibrary is  one of the world's largest publishers of reference information that has serviced libraries for more than 50 years.


By partnering with libraries throughout the United States and Canada, AccessMyLibrary provides free access to premium content you can trust. Browse and read over 30 million articles for business, education, and general research needs – absolutely free! Simply log in with a valid e-mail address and postal code to access online information through a nearby library.Our goal is to help you access information from credible sources while making the offerings of local libraries more accessible. We do this by using our technology to help people find this content, which search engines usually cannot access. AccessMyLibrary also includes articles from HighBeam Research, which is a part of the Gale family. HighBeam offers even more research content, including access to archives from more than 6,500 publications. 



Steel Building Guides

Our goal is to help our customers choose the best building for their needs. Our Steel Building Prices and Buyers Guide has been designed to offer you tips on everything you need from municipal permit and zoning issues to how to size and design a structure to your unique specifications. They offer metal building kits, pricing options, and a wide variety of commercial and residential steel structures.


thrive med spa chicago

Thrive Medical Spa, in Chicago, IL, has two convenient downtown locations in Lakeview and the Chicago. We are privately owned and operated by Dr. Barry Summers, a Board Certified General & Cosmetic Surgeon. He has been in private practice since 1996. In the fall of 2008, they opened the Skin Institute at Thrive. They are an accredited State of Illinois Sponsored CEU Provider for Advanced Esthetics Education.

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